Schmidt Baby
Guess what?

On Wednesday April 11,  2012 I took two Home Pregnancy Tests and they were both “positive,” but they were also very light so I wasn’t sold on it that I really was. That night I attended Tyrone Well’s concert with my friends and then later that night I went and bought two digital test and they both came up saying Pregnant. How I told Brent was by Skype him and showing him the Prego Jar! We are both so very excited and have been wanting this for a very long time. I called the next morning and got right in to my Dr. to confirm I really was pregnant! After a urine test and blood test they confirmed I was indeed preggers. :)

Our due date is December 18th, 2012 :) We will have a little Christmas Baby! I got started on prenatal vitamins right away and I am feeling good just really tired.